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Cleaner – Job Description

Hilltop Laundromat is looking to hire an attentive cleaner to join our team.  In this position, you will be required to dust surfaces, vacuum and mop floors, and clean windows.  The cleaner should also be able to deep clean laundry equipment.  A detailed cleaning list will be provided.

To be successful as a cleaner, you should be able to complete assigned tasks within the stipulated time period, use good judgement to determine when to stop in the stores for a cleanup, and possess a strong attention to detail when performing deep cleaning.  Ultimately, a top-performing cleaner should be physically fit and able to perform with minimal supervision.

Cleaner Responsibilities:

-        Vacuum and mop floors

-        Dust surfaces, bulkheads, tops of laundry equipment

-        Scrub and sanitize toilets, sinks

-        Empty trash cans

-        Wash windows, doors, snack equipment

-        Work with Owners to ensure that you have sufficient cleaning products at all times

-        Inform the Owners of repairs that need to be done

-        Assist customers with basic machine issues

-        Close Newport store; handle Newport opening as needed

Cleaner Requirements:

-        Proven experience in a similar role

-        Able to use a variety of cleaning products and equipment

-        Able to stand for extended periods of time

-        Exceptional organizational and problem solving skills

-        Possess a strong attention to detail with minimal supervision

-        Available to work weekdays and weekends, afternoon and evening hours

-        Have a positive attitude and be friendly with customers

Job Type: 

Part-Time, hours TBD

Evenings and weekends

Additional morning weekend hours as needed



$15.00/hour, 1099 Independent Contractor position.  This means you will fill out a W-9 to receive a check from us.  You will be responsible for paying the IRS taxes at the end of the year through Form 1099.  This position will require a background check and drug test before hire and a 90 day trial period.